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Sandvox Website Profile: “The Ultimate Safari”

Lourens E. Devilliers used Sandvox to build this website. He chose the “Blueball Simplex Turquoise” design for the site. People may want to visit the site if they are looking for Upscale African Safaris.

Sandvox features used for this site:Photo Grid, Contact Form,, YouTube, Other Objects

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Describe your website.

Our illustrated website describes what it takes to plan a memorable upscale African safari, replete with complete answers to frequently asked questions. It explains why we as seasoned safari experts are best able to assist in making this a trip of a lifetime. Most of our business comes from word-of-mouth referrals by former clients (many of whom have been repeat customers).

Who is the target audience for your website?

Travelers who are willing to spend good money to obtain exclusivity and super treatment while on safari in Africa.

What is the advantage of your website over others?

Ease of use and interactivity.

Why did you use this Sandvox design?

I am partial to black backgrounds, especially with gold print.

This website was created by Lourens E. Devilliers of New Canaan, Connecticut, USA.