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Midwest Elderberry Cooperative

“Our website provides content relevant to our cooperative's members and those interested in our mission. We do so within a context of general information about the cultivation and health benefits of North American Elderberry (Sambucus canadensis). Our cooperative is made up of growers participating...” — Christopher J Patton

“Farm and ranch property for sale, homes for sale, list of services I provide. To better inform the buying and selling public.” — Byron Poe

“Designet Aqua har jeg valgt da det giver et enkelt og rent udtryk der matcher godt med de produkter vi tilbyder.,” — Lars Hansen

Surefire Marketing Ltd.

Surefire Marketing Ltd.

“I took advantage of the simplicity and power of Sandvox. I was able to build my own site - the way I wanted it - without paying a programmer. In the future I can modify it, embellish it and grow with it as my customers needs and my services change. Being able to do this without the help of a...” — Walter Havens

Dean Zatkowsky

“This is a bit embarrassing, but the photos I wanted to use featured people looking to the left. So I grabbed the first design with a sidebar on the left. Fortunately, it's a nice design.” — Dean Zatkowsky

42 Marketing

42 Marketing

“We didn't really go to town with the web building techniques for this site, but it's going to keep growing and we'll keep on adding content as we go too, so look out for new stuff coming along.” — Ann Pawley