Sandvox Website Profile: “MAZ vormgevers | 2- en 3D vormgeving”

Marko Peters used Sandvox to build this website for MAZ vormgevers. He chose the “KS Apogee Engagement” design for the site. People may want to visit the site if they are looking for design in 2- and 3D.

MAZ vormgevers | 2- en 3D vormgeving

snapshot of home page

Describe your website.

All our work in design and other artistic things

Who is the target audience for your website?

everyone how likes beautiful things and understands the way we work

Sandvox features used for this siteExternal Page · Photo Grid · Site Map · Contact Form · Raw HTML Object · Code Injection · Google Integration

Tags for this sitearchitecture · design · maz vormgevers · paintings · smooth dark

The website shown here was created by Marko Peters of Molenhoek (near Nijmegen, The Netherlands).

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