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“Painter in Paris for thirty years, Degermann Isabelle worked for a living in Montmartre as a portraitist . She became a Christian in 1986 and left ten years later to attend a seminar in the northern United States, where she hears about Israel, God's love, and His promises to His people. In...” — Francisco Vicent

“Mother: "Thank you for praying for my baby daughter with a brain cancer. The doctors gave her 3 week to live. She is still alive and has learned to walk and one can explain, why she is alive."” — Agner Ebild

Amarel - It means "The message, or word, of God".

Amarel - It means "The message, or word, of God".

“Some of the new material on the site was triggered by a recent national news report that featured someone that is not from a Christian tradition. He referred to "God" without clarifying what god he was talking about. The God of Scripture, YAHWEH, is the God I serve. The piece triggered an...” — Bob Hermstad