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Sandvox User Profile: Catherine Rubey

Cathy Rubey

Location: Carmel, Indiana, USA

What kind of websites were you planning to build?

My company's focus on PR for small business keeps my design needs and website functionality to a level Sandvox does well.

How did you hear about Sandvox?

I found an iWeb replacement software reference online somewhere.

What made you decide to get Sandvox?

The user interface is similar to iWeb and I was up and running with it in no time.

Now that you have Sandvox, what do you like about it?

I love the meta tag and title input fields. It makes creating search-friendly sites easier!!

What would be a good way to search for a program like Sandvox?

iWeb replacement software

Tofaute and Spelman

Tofaute and Spelman

“Our website is easy to read and navigate from any device or computer. Readers can click to call directly from the website and even submit a question.”

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